Illinois is considered to be an “at will” employment state. That means that absent an employment contract or a collective bargaining agreement an employer can terminate employment without cause and without notice. As a consequence it is very difficult to establish a wrongful termination case in Illinois.

The two exceptions to “at will” employment are retaliatory discharge or termination in violation of state of federal civil rights laws.

If you filed a worker’s compensation case or made a complaint to a state or federal agency about your employer’s practices and were subsequently discharged you may have a claim for retaliatory discharge.

If you were discharged and you are a member of a protected class (racial or ethnic minority, gender, sexual orientation, religion, over the age of 40) and employees who are similarly situated to you (who perform roughly the same job) who are not members of the protected class are treated more favorably than you, you may have a claim under federal or state civil rights laws.

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