Prorok Law Office, P.C. has extensive experience in representing employers and claimants in matters before the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

If you are an employer who has a claim filed by a former employee, Prorok Law Office, P.C. can assist you in analyzing whether you have sufficient basis to protest the claim and prepare and handle either your appeal of a local office determination or the appeal of the claimant. Proper preparation of the protest and presentation of the case before the referee are crucial to a successful outcome.

If you are claimant, Prorok Law Office, P.C. can assist you in your appeal of an adverse decision from the local office and defend the local office decision appealed by your former employee. The telephone appeal hearing is a critical phase and assistance of an attorney is very helpful to achieving a successful outcome.

Prorok Law Office, P.C. has over 29 years of experience in unemployment compensation matters and can assist the employer or claimant before the Department of Employment Security.