Misdemeanor criminal offenses carry a penalty range up to a maximum of 364 days incarceration in the County Jail. A maximum fine of $2,500 is available and probation, conditional discharge (non-reporting probation), and court supervision of up to 2 years are also sentencing options. Court supervision allows for the charge to be dismissed in the event the defendant complies with all of the terms of the sentence.

Most misdemeanor charges can be sealed and many charges dismissed after a term of court supervision may be expunged. Sealing a criminal record denies public access to the record. Expunging the record removes as if it never happened.

Convictions for misdemeanor offenses result in consequences that may not be foreseen at the time of the arrest. Convictions for theft and other crimes that involve honesty can affect your ability to obtain employment for the rest of your life. Prorok Law Office, P.C. takes these matters into consideration when advising you on your options.