Any minor who violates any state, federal statute or municipal ordinance prior to his/her 18th birthday is subject to the provisions of the juvenile Court Act. In Juvenile Court the Court can maintains jurisdiction over a delinquent minor until the minor achieves his/her 21st birthday. Once a minor attains the age of 18 any new criminal offense will be handled as an adult but may form the basis for probation violations in Juvenile Court.

Juvenile Court penalties can range from incarceration in the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice until the minor attains the age of 21, probation of up to five years and incarceration in the County Juvenile Detention Center for a maximum of 30 days. A minor can be held in detention during the pendency of the case if the court finds that there is urgent and immediate necessity to detain the minor for his/her own safety or the safety of the public.

Juvenile Court records may be sealed or expunged once the minor reaches age 18 and once any applicable waiting period has been completed.

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