At Prorok Law Office, P.C., we focus our practice in the areas of Labor and Employment Law, Criminal Defense, Election Law and Local Government Law.  While these areas are diverse we have the experience and expertise to assist you whether you are an employee seeking unemployment compensation, and employer defending a discrimination lawsuit, a soccer mom with a DUI, a first time candidate for public office or an entrepreneur seeking a zoning change to start a business. 

Labor & Employment

Whether you are an employer who is the respondent in a complaint filed by an employee before a local, state or federal agency or an employee who believes he/she has been discriminated against or wrongfully terminated, Prorok Law Office, P.C. can assist you.

Criminal Defense

Whether it is a minor traffic ticket, a DUI, a drug charge or First Degree Murder, Prorok Law Office, P.C. has the knowledge and experience to obtain the best disposition possible either through negotiation or by a trial.

Election Law

Whether you are a first time candidate or a seasoned politician the election laws can be confusing and complicated.  Prorok Law Office, P.C. understand the complexities of both the Federal and State Elections Laws and can help you steer clear of the mine fields that can destroy a campaign.

Local Government

With 37 years of experience working with and representing local governments Prorok Law Office, P.C. has the experience and knowledge to cut through the red tape and give you a better chance to obtain the best result.

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